Monday, December 29, 2008

Rainy Days...

Hello luv muffins! Ok so,Tony,Toni,Toney lied when they said it doesnt rain in Southern California.It was storming on this day last week.Dont be mad at the lateness,im lazy.So,of course I felt the need to bring out the wet wear.Dont ask me what I was looking at in these pics,because it was just one of those days.Laides,do not be scared of the rain boot! Whether they are stripped,polka-dotted or designer like the Coach ones I have on,embrace them.They are an essential to any diva's wardrobe.Like I always say,anybody looks cute in the Summer,but a true Fashionista shines in the Winter.Stay sweet!
Leather Biker Jacket: Forever 21
Bag Dress: Target
Coach Rain Boots: Macy's

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