Monday, December 29, 2008

Fashionably Disturbed

If you have noticed that I'm posting these back to back,that because I am...I am lazier than lazy can ever get and I swear I'm working on that as an individual.I am a rocker to the core and whenever I get the chance to mix that with my own personal style,its a wrap! On this particualr day,I was really feeling myself.Purple is one the nicer colors of winter,so when paired with something like the jumper i have here and the infamous leather jacket,it was wonderful. Also,ladies BEWARE!!!! Please,please disregard my ashy ankles in these photos.Although this shoe looks riduclously hot,it rubs,leading to a heavy amount of ash.Be fore-warned,do wear plenty of Vaseline around those cankles.Stay sweet!

Infamous Leather Jacket: Forever 21

Jumper: Envy Boutique

Steven by Steve Madden Patent Leather Peep-Toes (lace-up): Marshalls

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